Subdivision and Land Development​

  • Overseeing the satisfaction of approval conditions, including the preparation of easement documentation and restrictive covenant documentation
  • Negotiating Development Agreements, Financial Security Agreements, and other agreements required by the municipality
  • Coordinating the submission of documentation required for municipal execution and recording of plans
  • ​Handling the notice and documentation requirements for dedication of improvements

I handle subdivision and land development matters for clients in municipalities throughout southeastern Pennsylvania.
I counsel my clients in all aspects of the approval process, working with you and your consultants
to achieve approvals as quickly and cleanly as possible:

  • Negotiating the land acquisition contract

  • Reviewing and analyzing applicable ordinances to determine permitted uses, development restrictions and any need for relief, in advance of submitting applications for approval

  • Advising on preferred strategies for achieving approvals​

What is the best strategy to take your project from application to approval? To avoid the pitfalls that can derail or extend the already lengthy approval process? Land use matters are complex, and require an experienced attorney who thoroughly understands the legal requirements and the process.

Post- Approval Phase
Pre-Approval Phase
Approval Phase
  • Consulting with project consultants and crafting aspects of the plan such as notes and legends to properly convey the project goals and meet approval requirements
  • Assisting the project engineer in the preparation of development applications to the municipality and planning agencies
  • Preparing variance and special exception applications to the Zoning Hearing Board, if necessary
  • ​Preparing conditional use applications to the municipal governing body, if necessary
  • ​Ensuring that an appropriate record is maintained, and the necessary facts are presented, to protect the developer in the event an appeal from an adverse decision is necessary
  • ​Reviewing written municipal decisions to determine conformity to the vote